Sunday, August 4, 2013


Every Passionflower Bloom is a dancer to me. No matter that
Jesuit priests in the seventeenth century saw religious symbols
in this plant. They are dancing girls in beautiful dresses....

...arms raised in perfect poise as they pirouette their way across
the fields.


  1. I am so jealous I can't get a clematis to grow. Now Charlie Rose
    is such a good Anchor, I like him so much. Peter Jennings too.

  2. Hey! We have 53 degree's in the morning and night and 78 mid-day
    This is the way it should be, Sunny for 3 days and showers Friday..
    I don't know about you but Maine had sooooo much rain this Summer,
    Stay cool and pace yourself.
    Just love that Peggy Jones..

  3. Every time I pass this plant I think of you.
    Wish I could grow one Maybe next year..

  4. I Ima, Fall is here in Maine, it is just wonderful. Thinking of you,
    be well. yvonne