Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Wet Walk...

A mist of rain has fallen throughout most of the day and while it makes for a sloppy walk, it does wonders for the beauty of plants. Even after 6 p.m. some decent photos can be had.
The tulip poplar started it's color change today. This one tree will
throw down lots of leaves for the Green Pony  to mow and we do
mow, I don't rake anymore.

A field of corn stubble. The beautiful reds and golds of the wicked
poison oak. Droplets of rain caressing the purple/magenta color on 
a head of johnson grass. 

And some non-weeds are still performing. They are treated as 
weeds here and must fend for themselves. The rain has given a
just waxed sheen to the leaves of a canna and the cannas do have
some emerging flower heads. Lots of rain kisses for the daisy.

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