Thursday, October 24, 2013


In some areas, rural and city there are people that have a concrete goose or geese that they dress for Holidays and some people dress their goose every day.

Meet Lucy.
She has been standing guard here for going on twenty years. Most of those years she just wore her concrete. But recently some of her 'attire' was rediscovered and she wanted to be dressed for Halloween.

Lucy has performed her duty in spite of several mishaps. Such as a broken neck delivered by some construction folks while working on the porch. A quick fix with some silicone has kept her head on and  her on the job for the past ten years and it has not impaired her job performance.

She also has some 'bill problems' after an encounter with the Green Pony.  Unfortunately the bill tip was not found.

Through it all Lucy has kept her post as guard and greeter. I think she looks just fabulous in her new (old) clothes.


  1. Super glad to meet Lucy. She is right in style.

  2. I had a chicken that got smashed, couldn't fix it. I bet you love Ms. Goose. Lucy is a trooper.

  3. I love chickens, but I am too old to go out in 10 degree weather..
    I saw lots of chickens on that hencam mo bunny..