Friday, November 15, 2013

Daily Rituals

I am reading Daily Rituals..How Artists Work  by Mason Currey. It is an interesting read. A page or two or maybe less written about some famous people and the rituals they keep or kept in order to produce their paintings, music, books etc.
I need rituals ! 

Saw this sheep at today and just felt an irresistible need to grab a pencil and do a quick sketch. Jon Katz is the author of many books about dogs, sheep, the farm and human and animal relationships. I have read several of his books and recommend them for anyone that loves animals.

This sheet of sketches was done at the breakfast table while leafing through the ads in a sales circular from the local Peebles store. Women and children's clothing, shoes and  home decor were featured.

Many faces just fall off the tip of the pen or pencil when I am scribbling.

And I need to establish rituals to make this happen every day, not just occasionally.


  1. this is awesome, those eyes remind me of an artist in the 50's he was big time I think his name was Keene. I love those big sad eyes.
    yvonne PS it is 20 degrees this AM at 6 AM. Looks like a cold winter ahead.

  2. Love your doodles. I agree a routine is important. Doing this on my Kindle hope it connects. My scarf is on todayw

  3. Ima,
    Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving with Happy friends and
    love and good Health. yvonne

  4. hi, I found your blog through Yvonne and I have a fondness for goats. You are very talented and I hope you get your ritual down. I find I have to let "life go" to paint. I started a parrot and it was look like a buzzard on steriods so I just painted over it and when I stepped back I saw a dancer had appeared Still working on it. Come over and visit Kitty Justice if you wish. Peace