Thursday, November 7, 2013

Out of Place

This small boat is not at WeedyAcresHome. I saw it yesterday while in town. Most of the boats seen in these parts are 'john boats and bass boats' used for fishing. Of course Kentucky is a land of many lakes and there is usually a nice lake not too far away with pontoons, pleasure boats and house boats. This marvelous little boat does not look like a Kentuckian and I wonder what stories it could tell. And gosh ! I wish it were mine.


  1. WEll it is cute. Maybe it is for sale.

  2. That looks like a Maine boat, we have tons of them,
    I like the header.. Cold tonight.. yvonne

  3. That is a sea worthy boat,, nice in a rain storm. About that bread,
    I tried to bake a small bit of the dough that crawled over the counter, Like a boulder, I could have used it as a cannon ball.
    We should get our first snow shower on the coast today.. yvonne