Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Feeding the Brain

Just got into this book...it's chock-full of interesting 
exercises (food) for the brain.

From page 25..create a pictogram from four straight lines and a circle to describe each of these words...Pressure...Delirious...Lucky...Suspense...Dangerous...and Joyful. Arrange the lines and the circles in any fashion but you can only use four lines and the circle. The lines must be the same length and the  circle must remain whole.


  1. My brain must be starving. Couldn't come up with anything to fit that little task.

  2. Happy New Year my sweet Ima.
    My brain is really frozen more ice and snow.
    Hope you are watching the PBS channel tonight
    It's Downton Abby, biggest hit on TV for years,
    Warm hugs yvonne

  3. Shucks, I can't figure that out. Ima having problems let me know if you cad get this comment.