Sunday, December 8, 2013


The freezing rain/drizzle is moving on out and I know the birds and rabbits are giving thanks. I go out in my coveralls and muck boots to break the ice off the bird feeders and in a short time they are ice covered again

Can't touch the holly for the fear of it breaking.

Every surface is covered. The grass island seen across
the drive is near to the ground with ice.

The hump-a-lump tree looks to be dripping icy tears.

This Nandina,  a very large one  is having a real struggle.
I do wish the berries could be enjoyed by the birds, rabbits and
deer but they are toxic to all animals.

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  1. Oh Ima, wishing you a wonderful New Year. Maine has had such bad weather, I have been here since 1989 and they say we never had this ice at Christmas, we still have 3300 without power, and it is wicked cold. The snow is comming back with sleet and rain on the coast.
    Roads are terrable, but I have to say they stay with it on the plows.. Be well Darling, wish you the very best for 2014.
    love yvonne