Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Excitement...

...can be as close as your driveway. You can slide and 'fishtail' up and down the hill. 

The real 'thrill' happens when you think you may slide off the culvert and into the creek. Of course the  fun and thrill is intensified when you don't have a four wheel drive vehicle.


  1. Maine mid Coast got slammed, last night, it is 5:30 Am an just so beautiful. Our driveway has a hill too and a curve so the ice gets pretty slick. Now we have beautiful fluffy snow. My Daughter had started back on the Ski's she loves fresh snow.. Be safe and warm. yvonne

  2. Beautiful pictures of winter bliss. Love them.

  3. The snow is like a wonderland, but raking the edges of my roof was dog gone hard.