Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Surprise

Snow flurries today and have not seen any of the sunshine that I'm sure was in the forecast. We've had and in some places I don't even break through the crust of ice where I am walking.

A closer look at some of that ice. A surprise today..a squirrel...I thought they would be hibernating through all this but is scampering across the snow and I thought it was headed for the bird feeders and some seed but it went to the crab apple tree...who knows maybe it has stashed some nuts under there. I think I'll go draw ...paint... and think 'sunshine'.

1 comment:

  1. I have been wading through at least 14 inches of snow to fill the bird feeders and knocked off a huge pile of snow on birdbath, poor babies.
    Renee (daughter) is off to ski. At 5:30 the news was young man killed on ski's. I just bought her Ski boots for her birthday. Now at 76 I have to worry about her every Friday. Go figure, what's the right thing to do? She says she needs the sun and joy to keep her from the blues.
    Well, I need to shovel some snow out back. Be warm and safe. Big hug yvonne