Friday, March 21, 2014

What Do You See ?

I saw a wolf or dog or bat ?? But I definitely thought of those two openings as eyes.
The photos below are the two taken previous to this one.

Of course I was liking the 'portal' in this one....

...and here I was beginning to see the 'eyes' and liked the rays emitting from behind the clouds.
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  1. I see eyes in the first. It could be eyes of a wolf. I really like how the sun's rays burst from underneath the clouds in your 3rd photo. Did you know, we're practically neighbors? Okay, we live in neighboring states. lol It's nice meeting you on Skywatch Friday. Have a good weekend! ;)

  2. You have some spectacular skies overthere. It is always fun to watch the clouds and see images in them. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words about kitty Sofietje.

  3. Definitely a critter in there. Great shots.

  4. That is great with the eyes...amazing sky pictures!

  5. Stunning photos! The last one .., how the sun comes through the clouds ... amazing!!!

  6. Those definitely look like eyes to me and they almost look a little menacing! Nice shots.

  7. I see wonderfully dramatic skies:-)

  8. That's quite a active sky there! Thanks for checking mine out.

  9. These are awesome photo's, the second one I'd like to paint..
    We are getting another snow storm,
    I went to the Doctor for this depression.
    Hope to get back my energy, stop sleeping and crying.
    I am smoking again, Going to church and pray for strength
    to over come this depression.. Where is Spring??
    Big hug to you
    and thanks for sharing some beauty. yvonne

  10. Lovely sky shots .... and dramatic!


  11. What great memories you gave me, Cloud watching.
    I remember my Mom and I laying on a blanket
    in the yard and picking out forms in the clouds.
    So simple a thing and so beautiful.