Friday, April 25, 2014

East and West

Skies due East and SouthEast here this morning
 are showing leftovers from the rain dance during the night...

...and Western skies are showing the promise for today.

Linking to Skywatch Friday here. Take a tour, please.
Beautiful skies and interesting places around the world.


  1. The purple sky is dramatically lovely !

  2. Wonderful sky shots. I love the first shot with the sweeping clouds.

  3. I like that swirling eastern sky... very dramatic!

  4. Marilyn, Yesterday I finally got some yard work done, now today it's
    rain rain, into the next few days. Crazy weather. Stay dry Darling Lady.

  5. wow! looks like a candle flame!

  6. Hi Marilyn, Wow did you see the news about Alabama, what a crazy storm.
    Worked in the yard yesterday set out plants, this morning it's 28 degrees. NUTS.
    I have pulled the thigh muscles and my buttocks are screaming in pain. Guess the best thing is get back out and do some more weeding. I will either knock it out or not walk. Haha.