Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home

The entrance to a home in the shape of a heart. 

The main resident is Dug, a groundhog. All the groundhogs here are named Dug.
A drawing I did in pencil for the 29 faces challenge in February here.

Mandy being patient. She does 'not' exhibit this behavior when Dug appears.


  1. Hey, Marilyn,
    My Daughter and I drove to Bath Maine and had lunch on the river yesterday, It was a glorious
    day about 55, we had just light weight Jackets did a few stops at junk shops, It was a good
    birthday. I am 77, every day I awake I say," Lord Thanks", I am still above ground. Haha

  2. Love pics of Mandy and hearing about Dug

  3. You are a very talented lady, Your drawings are great. If you were in Maine we could watch them catch the elvers, too cold for me to get in that water.