Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Whites +

Every day our walks are filled with more flowering trees and other beauties.

Cherry Tree blossoms.

Not sure who this nest belongs to. The eggs look like robin but the nest construction does not. Loose grasses laid in a previous bird nest (not robin) from last year. Will be looking for these parents to be.

Blossoms on the Crab Apple tree.

An older Redbud tree in bloom. The crappie  are biting when this tree blooms.

A non  bearing (escaped Bradford ) pear tree in beautiful bloom.


  1. Spring flowers are the prettiest. I hope you have a wonderful week. Did you see the moon last night?

  2. Those eggs in that nest are beautiful. Looks frighteningly low to the ground...hope that you'll have a good report for us. Beautiful photos of a blooming is still too early here for that.

  3. These would make great note cards. It is late so I am sending you an email.

  4. My pear tree was murdered by Jap beetles.
    Glad you love Loretta young, my Mom and I used to watch her show.
    Woke up to snow on the ground, with that blood moon everything is weird. yvonne