Friday, October 2, 2009

Great Blue Heron

Another one of the "fishermen" at the pond. This great blue heron and I can just about see eye to eye. I think he has been fishing at the pond for several years now. I read that the oldest known blue heron was twenty three. If they survive their first year they can live to the age of fifteen. Fish is their main diet but they also eat frogs, insects and small mammals. They have been known to choke by trying to swallow prey that is too large. They are solitary hunters and we rarely see more than one at a time at the pond. He will be headed south soon for more good fishing in the sun.
Photo by Shannon Gritton


  1. now there is more information I did not know about them. I just knew they were beautiful! Thanks for the little trivias you always post!

  2. I hope none of them spy my pond. So far so good.