Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wild Rose

I had planned to show only a picture of the berries the wild rose bushes are putting out. Of course, I then had to do a little investigative work on the roses. I was surprised to learn that most people don't really know what the wild rose is or even the look of it. The wild rose is not the fluffy rose that was at grandmothers' house nor is any multi-petaled rose. The true wild rose has only five petals, never more or less. Almost all wild roses are pink with a few whites and reds and even more rare are the ones that tend toward yellow. The wild rose blooms for only about two a weeks a year. Not enough bloom time for flower lovers, so enter the new "Nearly Wild Rose". It offers all the beauty of the wild rose and the low maintenance of the wild rose plus you get repeat bloom. Look for them in wildflower nurseries or catalogs.


  1. How perfect for this dreary day. Rain, rain, rain.
    I am totally surprised to learn about all the literature out there about wildflowers. Not necessarily wildflowers, but the ones we call weeds. Catalogs? I need to look them up.

  2. I loved this post! The wild rose is the flower of our province! ours is of course the pink version for Alberta! most likely not the true one you spoke of either! It is illegal to dig or plant or move them anymore...too many people were uprooting and transplanting and taking...and they were dying off!