Monday, April 19, 2010

Ground Ivy

Clusters of purplish-blue flowers hang from the greenery of ground ivy. It's growing close to the foundation of the house and I am stunned by the beauty of these tiny flowers and with the square stem. Were you aware that some plants have square stems? It is a member of the mint family and considered an aromatic herb, although it does not smell 'minty'. It has been called ale hoof and was used as a seasoning in the brewing of ale in Germany. Gill-Over-The-Ground is the french name for this plant, gill meaning fermented ale in french. I think that stripped of their greenery they could masquerade as orchids.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Take a Closer Look

When you look at a dandelion are you seeing one bright yellow flower? Get closer, because each yellow petal is a flower. About two hundred of these flowers make up the head of the dandelion. When you click on this picture you will see the curled tips that are the actual flowers. To see for yourself just pick a dandelion and gently pull one petal loose and you will see the curled flower and the bit of fluff at the base that will eventually become the parachute to carry the seed on the breeze.
Do you know that the dandelion was brought to this country for it's medicinal purposes and that there was a time when gardeners pulled out the grass to give more growing space to the dandelion.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Housing Starts Are Up

Location....Location....Location...the mantra of real estate professionals and builders. It seems the plentiful supply of construction materials have led some new home builders to make poor site selections. This newly constructed home, already occupied, is situated less than three feet from the ground in an ailing Bamboo Nandina bush. One can only hope that good fortune will smile on this young couple and give them the happy ending they believe awaits them. More on this story to follow.