Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet the Finches

What a delight to look out the kitchen window and see an Indigo Bunting at the thistle socks.  I think of them as the bluebird of happiness. They are normally a private bird and not seen often in this area but this is migration season and I am hoping they will nest near by and not move on. They are members of the finch family and are sharing this meal with a gold finch in it's beautiful summer yellow feathers and tucked down into the lower right hand corner is a house finch with it's dabbing of red. I didn't see the female finch until I down loaded from the camera. I believe she is a female Indigo Bunting. It does put some happiness in your heart to see all these beautiful creatures feeding together.


  1. I am so glad you posted this picture. I have never seen the Indigo. Maybe we need to get the kind of birdseed they like. If you see one surely there are others around.

  2. great riches! i love an indigo bunting and the goldfinches too. i love there high pitched little breeeeeeeeeee

  3. What a treat! I've never seen an Indigo Bunting - they don't hang out in this neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing!