Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moisture Update

My previous post was of this plant in dire need of moisture. One and a half inches of rain fell the day following that post. The results show us what a good drink of water can do.  It can do marvelous things for humans too. Drinking water every day is good for your body and your skin. Sometimes when you think you are hungry your body is really asking for a drink of water or you feel a little 'tired' and the body is in need of hydration. Everyone seems to be carrying a water bottle this days but how many times during the day is it being refilled.


  1. Awesome! There is nothing that can satisfy thirst like a good drink of water. Nectar of the gods!

  2. Whee that plant looking better even makes me feel better. I hate to see anything hurting. So right about the water. A lot of simple signs like you mentioned say, "Give me water, stupid." LOL

  3. we have gotten 5 inches of rain in the last 4 hours today...and it is not stopping...I love rain...but it should be reserved for night time...since I like to be outside during the day!!!