Saturday, December 18, 2010


Three days and still no sunshine. Temperatures in the twenties and every step a crunch. The good news is, most of the roads are clear. Driveways can be different stories.
 I have been scattering the sunflower seed on the ground as most of the feeder tops are frozen hard. A good variety of birds are here for the feeding. Two of the ducks have gone missing at the pond and I am hoping they are sheltered somewhere close by. The rabbits are active as their tracks are seen all over the place and yes, the coyote tracks are out there as well.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grey Icy World

 This grey icy world we are in today will be transformed into the sparkle of magic land if tomorrow brings us the sunshine that is forecast. I can't get into the barn so some of the sunflower feeders are running low. I am glad to have thistle sacks for the finches and other small birds even though I replaced them today for they were ice covered, too. The boughs of the pines are all drooping down, every blade of grass is ice covered and it is a crunchy and slippery time to be treading about.