Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coming Soon

...to a location near you. The best way to rid yourself of this aggressive plant is to consume it. They are very tasty when young and sweet, leaves can be added to salads and flowers can be fried as 'fritters'.  Will be posting recipes.


  1. Ima, you are a clever bunny..
    I have dandelions in the super Mkt here and they are big on Fiddle head (ferns. I bought the fiddle heads and they were soso.
    The news tonight says Senator Olympia Snowe just resigned. She had alot to say about some bull headed people.
    Never thought about the March Hare :)

  2. Wow now that would be great to be able to consume all those in our yard. Waiting for the recipes. Marvelous mosaic on the header.