Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thinking Spring

A few minutes of pure fun to paint up this cute design by
Chris Haughey.  And the birds here are already becoming

Friday, March 8, 2013

Humming Bushes

Sunshine here today and beautiful. I was going to do a 
little outside work. First thing I noticed, Mandy had dislodged
a down spout, trying to get the chipmunk, I'm sure. I was 
replacing it when I heard the humming sound. Looking around
 I realized the shrubbery was doing the humming from all the
 visiting bees.

How Wonderful !!!

The shrubbery has very tiny white flowers.

Look for the bee, the pollen bundles on her legs look like part
of a tiny flower.

I was only lucky enough to get two bees at once. Too many
shots were fuzzy from all the trying!

Follow the line of the bee's body and you will see the head behind
the leaf and she is sipping nectar.

Gathering pollen is done from every angle.

Bees the world over are struggling for their survival. 
Please remember, 
we need the Bees in order to survive as well.